Do You Feel Unfairly Treated Or Punished During Deportation? You May Have Legal Redress

Deportation is a heartbreaking situation for people who have settled in a country and made it their home. That said, these individuals have broken the law. However, unfair punishment may be possible, and if it is happening to you, you need to contact an immigration lawyer. President Trump's New Immigration Laws Are Causing More Deportations The sweeping changes to immigration concurrent with the Donald Trump presidential administration have resulted in a larger crackdown on illegal immigration. Read More 

Immigration Questions: What Are Apostille Document Services And Certification Services?

What happens when you're in a foreign country for work or personal reasons and you need to authenticate your personal documents from the United States, like a birth certificate, diploma, school transcript, marriage, or divorce record? Suddenly, you're confounded with the same problem that many immigrants in this country face: each country has its own way of issuing documents and requirements for what makes those documents official -- and the one you happen to be standing in may not have remotely the same process as that used in the United States. Read More 

3 Things You Need To Know About An Immigration Attorney

Many people are in need of an immigration attorney. However, most people think that the only thing that an immigration attorney can do is help them to get citizenship in a new country. Although this is a big part of what they do, there are several other things that an immigration attorney can do as well. 1. Help Students Obtain Visas If you are planning on traveling abroad for education or for some sort of internship, you may want to talk to an immigration attorney. Read More 

Who Qualifies For Green Cards?

If you weren't born in the United States, you need to obtain a green card before you can live and work in the country without worrying about time restrictions. Your green card is what identifies you as a permanent US resident and eventually gives you the ability to apply for citizenship. Unfortunately, green cards aren't just handed out to anyone who wants one. They are only given to qualified individuals. Learn more about US green card qualifications to determine whether you qualify. Read More